Getting started

This is a short instruction describing how to start creating backups for your GitHub repositories.


Follow these simple steps below to start using Mddocs.

Set up a new plan from the GitHub Marketplace

Open Mddocs's page on the GitHub Marketplace by clicking on the following link. Click on the Set up a plan button.

set up a plan

In the Pricing and Setup section select the account for which the Mddocs application will be installed and then click on the Install it for free button.

install a plan

Review your order to make sure you've selected the correct plan and account. After that click on the Complete order and begin installation.

complete order

You will be redirected to the Mddocs application installation page.

Install GitHub application

On the Mddocs installation page, select the repositories you want to backup by providing Mddocs the access to them. Click on the Install button.

install app

Wait until you will be redirected to authorization page. Click on the Authorize Mddocs button:

install app

You then will be redirected to the Mddocs Dashboard. Accept the Mddocs's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes and click Start using Mddocs! button:

install app

That's it, you now have completed the installation.

mddocs dashboard