Insert Links and Images

Mddocs supports two ways of inserting links inside .md files:

  • Relative: links to pages and content within repository
  • Absolute: links to pages and content outside repository

In order to place a link inside .md file use the generic markdown syntax:

  • Image ![Image Description](link)
  • Link [Link Title](link)

Relative links considered to be relative to .md file where the link is placed.

Relative to current document

The relative link could start with ./ or with nothing at all:

  • [Link Title](./../
  • [Link Title](./
  • [Link Title](

Relative to source folder

In order to insert a link relative to Source Folder, use the / symbol at the beggining of link:

[Link Title](/someFolderInSourceFolder/

You can use any of absolute links inside .md document:

  • ![Picture](
  • ![Picture](
  • [Home](