Publish Static Website

It is possible to publish a regular static HTML-based website without a single Markdown file at all. Just place your static website files into a GitHub repository and publish it using mddocs.

It is similar to GitHub Pages, but allows you to publish a website from an arbitrary repository and repository branch. GitHub Pages demands the repository to be named <account> and publishes only the main branch of the repository.

Let's publish a static website repository using the website example:

1. Fork example repository

Cloud Academy has published a good static website example that can be found in the static-website-example repository. Let's fork it into our own repository:

fork repository

2. Grant an access to the repository

Note: If the Mddocs GitHub Application has an access to `All repositories` there is no need to grant an access explicitly.

Go to the Installed GitHub Apps page, find Mddocs installation, and grant an access to the forked repository:

grant an access

3. Go to the and publish the repository

Once the access is granted a repository card will appear in the mddocs dashboard, please locate it and click Publish

locate a card and publish

4. Go to the published website

There is an Open website button, click it in order to open the published website in the new tab:

open published website

The static web site is published:

open published website

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